How to create a new Video

With WP Money Machine Pro, you can also monetize your Videos.

To create a new video, go to WP Money Machine Pro > Videos, and click on “Add New Video”.

Give your video a Name (it can be anything), and in Video URL enter the Youtube Video URL (for ex: You can fill the other settings (size, preview image, etc) or leave them empty to show the default values.

Once you are done, click “Save all Changes”. After saving, you will see a field that reads “Shortcode”. If you copy that code (which will look something similar to: [autocomvideo id=”3″]), and paste it in one of your posts/pages, the video will display there.

Now it’s time to monetize the video. To do that, you need to add Actions to the video, by clicking “Add New Video Action”; then select your action/monetization from the dropdown menu:

In the action, just enter your desired settings (when to display, etc). Then you just need to save the changes and the video will be automatically updated.

The best way to see the results is to apply changes, reload the page where the video is, and watch it again. Keep making changes, adding actions, etc. until you are satisfied with the result.