How to create an eBay App

eBay is an online auction and shopping website. Buyers have the option to bid on an item or Buy It Now at a specified price. Like in a real auction, eBay gets a small percentage of the sales. Website owners can also help promote eBay’s listed items through the eBay Partner Network. A commission is earned when a sale pushes through via the owner’s affiliate ID.

To be able to import items from eBay, WP Money Machine needs an eBay App ID, Campaign ID and Country. Signing up as an eBay affiliate is completely free. By the end of this guide, you will have created 2 accounts – one for eBay and eBay Partner Network and another one for the eBay Developer program.

To create an eBay App, please follow these steps:

1. Sign up for an account at the eBay Partner Network homepage, Click on Sign Up Now to proceed.
eBay Partner Network Registration - Sign Up Now

2. You will then be sent to the eBay Sign In page. Click on +Register and fill in the necessary information. In most cases, you’ll want a Personal account. Once done, click on the blue button that says, Register
eBay - Registration Form

3. Next, select your country of residence and click on Join Now once done.
eBay Registration - Select Country of Residence

4. You now have an eBay Partner Network account. From the account dashboard, click on Campaigns to view your Default Campaign ID, or simply go to while logged in. Copy this key and store it temporarily in a text file.
eBay Partner Network - Campaigns

5. Next, begin creating your App ID by going to Tools > API, or simply go to to access the API homepage. Click on the link that states, Affiliate Tier sign up process.
eBay Partner Network - API Homepage

6. A new window will pop up, asking you to register as a Developer. You will not be able to Sign In using your newly created eBay Partner Network account. You will have to register anew for a Developer account. Click on Register to proceed. Enter the necessary information and click on Join once done.
eBay Developer Registration Form

7. You will then be asked for an Application Title. Type in, WP Money Machine. After typing the first character, a new menu will show up below. Under Production, click on the link that says, Create a keyset.
eBay Developer - Application Name

8. A window will pop up once again, asking you to confirm your contact details. Fill in the required details, including your phone number, and then click on Continue to Create Keys.
eBay Developer - Confirm Primary Contact

9. Finally, your App ID (Client ID), Dev ID and Cert ID (Client Secret) will be shown to you. Copy your App ID key. Once done, you may now close the Developer window.
eBay Developer - App Keys

10. Paste your App ID and Campaign ID into your WP Money Machine Settings (WP Admin > WP Money Machine > Settings > Affiliate > eBay). You also need to select the Country where you signed up for (country of residence). Click on Save All Changes when done.
eBay - WP Money Machine Settings

11. You may now log out of your eBay Partner Network account. You can go back to viewing your keys by going to while logged in. Please note that you have to log in using your Developer account credentials (not your Partner Network credentials).

Watch this video for a demonstration on getting an eBay App ID as well as obtaining a Campaign ID: