How to get your CBPro Ads Account Number

ClickBank is an online retailer that mostly sells digital goods, such as video tutorials, eBooks, membership programs and software. The products are promoted through affiliate marketing. The affiliate then gets a commission for making a sale.

WP Money Machine uses CBPro Ads as the affiliate platform instead of the official one since it offers better products descriptions and images. Only the CBPro Ads Account Number is needed to get started.

To get your CBPro Ads Account Number, please follow these steps:

CBPro Ads requires a Clickbank ID. If you haven’t already done so, you can register for a Clickbank account by following the video below. Signing up is 100% free.

1. Once you have your Clickbank ID, sign up for a free account at Fill in all the details and click on Sign Up.
CBPro Ads - Registration Page

2. You will need to activate your CBPro Ads account by clicking on the link that they sent to your email address.
CBPro Ads - Email Activation Link

3. Also contained in the email is your CBPro Ads Account ID. Copy that ID.
CBPro Ads - Email Activation ID

4. Paste the ID into your WP Money Machine Settings (WP Admin > WP Money Machine > Settings > Affiliate > Clickbank). Don’t forget to click on Save All Changes when done.
CBPro Ads - WP Money Machine Settings

5. You are done. You may now log out of your CBPro Ads account.