How to get your Envato API Key

Envato is an online marketplace that sells creative assets. It owns ThemeForest which sells WordPress themes. Envato also sells PHP scripts, javascript, 3D graphics, video assets, audio assets and photos through its various subsites in the Envato market.

To be able to import content from Envato, you will need an API key and a username. This is 100% free.

To get your Envato API key, please follow these steps:

1. Sign up for an account at
Envato Registration

2. Once done, you will need to confirm your account by clicking on the link that was sent to your email address.
Envato Email Confirmation

3. Once confirmed, go to any of the sites associated with Envato. In this guide, we’ll go to ThemeForest. Click on the logo to continue.
Envato Account Dashboard

4. Before you can proceed, you will be asked for your Location as well as to agree to the Terms and Conditions. You may also opt out of their newsletter by not ticking on the box beside it. Click on All good, let’s go! once done.
Envato Terms and Conditions

5. Once done, you are sent to the ThemeForest homepage. Hover your mouse cursor to your profile at the upper right side of the page and then click on Settings.
Envato - ThemeForest Settings Page

6. In the Settings page, click on API keys.
Envato - ThemeForest API Settings Menu

7. In the API Keys page, generate an API key by first typing in a Label and then clicking on the Generate API Key button. For the label, you can use WP Money Machine.
Envato - Themeforest - Generate API Key

8. Your API Key is now shown to you. Copy the key.
Envato API Key

9. You also need to copy your Envato Username. Simply go to while logged in to view your Username.
Envato Username

10. Paste the API key into your WP Money Machine Settings (WP Admin > WP Money Machine > Settings > Affiliate > Envato). Also paste your Envato Username in the appropriate field. Don’t forget to click on Save All Changes when done.
Envato - WP Money Machine Settings

11. You are done. You may now log out of your Envato account. You can also watch this video for a similar demonstration on generating your Envato API key: