How to get your EPN API and Hash for Aliexpress

AliExpress is the world’s second largest online shopping website. Its market is mainly in Asia, United States, Brazil, Russia and some parts of Europe. The company is based in China, but it doesn’t serve customers there due to policy differences. Instead, domestic customers are served by TaoBao, a local equivalent which is also owned by the same parent company (Alibaba Group).

Like Amazon, AliExpress has a profitable affiliate program. However, it is coursed through aggregators, such as the e-Commerce Partnership Network (ePN). ePN has better support and quicker approval rate than the official affiliate program, which can take days or weeks to get resolved.

In order to use affiliate links from AliExpress, WP Money Machine needs an EPN API Key as well as an EPN Deeplink Hash. Signing up for an ePN account is 100% free.

To get your ePN API and Hash for AliExpress, please follow these steps:

1. Go to and click on Register.
AliExpress ePN Homepage

2. Make sure that you register as a webmaster. Fill in the required information and then click on SIGN UP. You may also register by linking your Facebook account.
AliExpress ePN Registration Form

3. Next, you will be asked to confirm your ePN account by clicking on the activation link that ePN sent. Once done, you will be sent to a confirmation page and then automatically redirected to your ePN Account Dashboard.
AliExpress ePN Email Confirmation

4. You may also get a pop-up asking you to protect your account via SMS. At this point, you can input your mobile phone number or click on REMIND ME NEXT TIME YOU SIGN IN to skip it.
AliExpress ePN SMS Protection

5. Next, you need to tell ePN where your traffic is coming from. From the Dashboard, click on MY TRAFFIC SOURCES and then click on Add to proceed.
AliExpress ePN Traffic Sources Page

6. Traffic sources can come from social networks, YouTube or websites to name a few. Fill in the details as in the the example below:

  • Add link to your traffic source: Your blog or website, for instance,
  • Offer: AliExpress
  • Choose category of your source of traffic: Own website (other source of traffic)

AliExpress ePN - Add Traffic Source

7. Once you’ve clicked on ADD TRAFFIC SOURCE, you will get a message stating that your link has been added to the queue for moderation. This request is checked and added manually. Please wait 24 hours or more for your traffic source to be approved. In any case, you can already generate affiliate links while waiting for approval.
AliExpress ePN - Traffic Source Moderation Queue

8. Next, get your ePN API key by going to while logged in. It is also under Account Dashboard > Tools > Developers > EPN (SDK) API. On that page, click on the big red button called, GET API KEYS.
AliExpress ePN API Homepage

9. A window will pop up and display your ePN API key. Copy that key and store it temporarily in a text file.
AliExpress ePN API Key

10. Next, you need to generate your Deeplink Hash for AliExpress. From your Dashboard, go to Tools > Deeplink. Fill in the details as in the example below:

  • Name: AliExpress
  • Select offer: AliExpress
  • Link to any page AliExpress*:

AliExpress ePN - Deeplink Generation

11. After you have created the deeplink, your DeepLink Hash will be displayed. Copy the hash code and store it temporarily in the text file where you also stored your API key.
AliExpress ePN - Deeplink Hash Key

12. Paste the keys into your WP Money Machine Settings (WP Admin > WP Money Machine > Settings > Affiliate > Aliexpress). Make sure that you click on Save All Changes when done.
AliExpress ePN - WP Money Machine Settings

13. You may now log out of your ePN account. Remember to check everyday on the approval status of your Traffic Sources.