I am having trouble activating the plugin

If you have just installed the plugin and are having issues when trying to activate the plugin using your e-mail address, please read the following:

  1. Make sure you are entering the e-mail you used to purchase (delivery/contact e-mail).
  2. Check you are not entering any blank spaces before/after the e-mail
  3. Your hosting might be blocking external connections. To check, go to WP Money Machine > Help and click on “Run Self Test”. If any of the items in the checklist are not valid, please open a support ticket to your hosting company asking them to enable external connections, so that the plugin can work. If your hosting company is unwilling/unable to help, we’d recommend using another hosting company (we can recommend Bluehost or Hostgator; WP Money Machine is guaranteed to work in both, and they have cheap plans starting at around $3/month).
  4. Check your license status at http://licensemachine.com/access/ There you should be able to see all info related to your WP Money Machine Purchase
  5. If nothing works, and you still cannot activate the plugin, please open a support ticket in our customer helpdesk.