Video Actions Explained

When you create a video (tutorial), you can add one or more actions to monetize it. Here is a detailed list:

Share Buttons

Displays a share button so people can share any url of your choice on multiple social networks.

Like Boxes

Like/follow boxes so visiors can follow your social properties.

Optin Form

Displays an optin form so you can capture people’s e-mails. Leads are stored under WP Money Machine Pro > Leads, and optionally, in one of our supported autoresponders.

Call to Action

Displays a CTA button with a link to any url


Displays an image banner with a link


Shows a text

Click to Tweet

Displays a text and a click to tweet button

Comment Below Video

Displays a text below the video that appears at specific time

Play Video

Plays another video at a specific time

Click to Call

Adds a click to call button, so people can call by clicking on it.

HTML content

Displays any HTML content of your choice.

Amazon Ads

Displays Amazon ads with your affiliate link (info)


Displays a survey with 2 possible answers

URL Redirect

Redirects the visitor to any URL at a specific moment

Full Screen

Plays the video in full screen at any moment

Scroll to Video

Scrolls the screen to focus on the video at any specific moment

Small Corner Video

Plays the video in a smaller window in a corner of the website.

In each action, you can select when to display (on video load, when the video starts playing, when the video ends playing or after any number of seconds). You can also hide it automatically, stop the video or not, display an overlay, and many other options. The best way to see the end result is to test settings, then play the video and edit the action settings as needed.

You can also add multiple actions to a video. For example, you could play another video when the video starts playing, show a CTA after 30 seconds, and a survey at the end of the video. Simply add more than one action to the video.